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who do ya love?

I love the subject of fabric - especially designers. Call me a fabric geek, I don't care. I want to know all the names of all the fabrics and all the colorways it's available in! It's that bad when you go fabric shopping with me, my sister will tell you, I go down the aisles gushing about Amy Butler this and Heather Bailey that. If I could own them all, you betcha I would! Oh, oh, and if I could ever dream of designing my own? Just the mere thought of it causes my seams to rip! If I had to pick one of my favorites it would have to be Michael Miller fabrics. I just love all the bright patterns and stripes and polka dots...don't get me started on polka dots. I love them! They (and I say they because Michael Miller is not a man but a man/woman team, how's that for fabric geek trivia?) have some very talented designers that collaborate with them such as Patty Young, Sandi Henderson and Paula Prass - all who have mouth watering, gosh look at those colors, do I have thread to match?, go grab my wallet collections. But anyone who knows me can tell you that there aren't many fabrics out there that I don't fall in love with...really, just call my credit card company - they'll verify it for me! I have more than I can ever use and some of my vintage ones, I won't use! Well, the whole point of this very long posting is I thought it would be fun to take a poll of everybody's favorite designer. My list is short, just couldn't add them all. So if your favorite is not there, leave a comment to tell us who. Now is the time to tell the world - who do ya love? No prizes or gimmicks, it's anonymous and just for fun...I'll post the results.


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