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a valentine project a day...

Since next Saturday is Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to post a tutorial each day this week of things I love and want to make. Today's is Valentine Pennie Pockets from Moda Bake Shop. Aren't they adorable? I want to make these for everyday, not just Valentines. Wouldn't they be great for tiny birthday surprises...or wait a about scissor holders? Now that I think about it, I could use lots of these hanging around. I love the fabric they made these from, it's the Sweet line by Urban Chiks or you could use Candy Kisses by Sandy Gervais or Love is in the Air by Deb appropriate... find the project here . Send me a picture of yours and I'll post it

If you're not a sewer, I'm sure you could still make the pennie pockets above using patterned paper and glue, still I found something simular on Martha Stewart's site that uses paper. Hmmm...betcha could sew these too! Fabric or paper, up to you. Enjoy! These are here.


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