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how do you measure up?

This little doggie is an antique from my sister's collection. As you can see his tail comes out into a measuring tape. Cute huh? I went in search of more little guys like him and found some measuring tape holders that you can make.

I look at these tiny creations and think of this: “Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris - 1880

...even to the simplest of things.

A Spoon Full of Sugar Girls created this one. Hmmm...wondering how they got it all neatly inside? They'll show you in this pdf file.

I love the old-fashioned quaintness of fabric yo-yo's and am glad they're becoming popular again. I've seen entire quilts made from about a lesson in patience! From Whip-Up.

If you like to bead, you'll love this tape holder cover with a beaded tassel from Paula Hewitt.

Got a embroidery machine? I do, thanks to my son Josh, and I love mine! This is from Embroidery Garden and is made in the hoop! Although this is not a free download, her prices are very reasonable and she does have some free patterns on her site. Visit her, she has lots of clever ideas...

Speaking of clever, I love love love this pouch made from measuring tapes! A wonderful tutorial with lots of pictures, Vintage Ric Rac is an amazing seamstress. She even makes things from the selvedge edge of fabric! You have to go and look at her stuff. Unbelieveable, the amount of patience this woman has.

I found this "Measure Up Brooch" on Craftzine. Made by Plastic Girl , it doesn't include instructions, but if you look at the picture, I'm sure you will figure it out... Wouldn't it be sweet on Ric Rac's pouch?

Sukigirl crocheted this cute little oreo cookie for her tape measure. She says she got the directions from Thrifty Fun's pdf file. On Craftster's forum, she posted that she "glued the cookie part on the tape measure then made a small strip of sc to form the white filling and glued that on too." Mmmm, looks good enough to eat - my son Matt loves Oreos...

Don't wanna make one but you just gotta have one? KnitsNthings has these adorable snails and turtles for sale on Etsy.

But my favorite has to be these cupcakes by Betz White. Made from cuffs from recycled sweaters, her pdf pattern is also available at Etsy. I love her website too, so bright and cheerful. My niece, Tina would love these...

Do you have trouble taking the proper measurements when making a clothing pattern? Learn the right way from Sew Mama Sew.

As for my sister's antique doggie? In my research, I found lots of different animals, figurines and such that you can collect. Just google "antique tape measures" and see what you come up with. Enjoy!

“When nobody around you seems to measure up, it's time to check your yardstick.” - Bill Lemley


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