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sunshine and good times...

A juried show, I was honored to be selected to participate with many talented artisians at Art in the Park show held in Staunton, VA.

Sponsored by the Staunton Augusta Art Center, it's held annually during the month of May.

As you can see, the weather was picture perfect, the people were fabulous and I sold sooo many of my bags. Whoo hoo!

Now I can buy more fabricHey, I gotta feed my cloth addiction somehow...didn't your mom ever tell you more fiber? How was I supposed to know mine meant cereal?

It was my first time at an outdoor show - this is my small table where I had wallets, key fobs, organizers, etc. - you know, all the little necessities we girls can't live without :)

I made the bag on the left with Paula Prass' Flights of Fancy Beach Stripe and Zinna Path in Ocean while the one above is Lila Tueller's Woodland Bloom Colossal Blossoms and Sunny Day Dot in Cloud.

Marjorie Post's Fete De Fleurs Poppies was the inspiration for the bag above along with Robert Kaufman's Hot Couturier on the left.

Covered button bracelet and earring sets...

Michael Miller's Peace Flower, Wendy Slotboom's Feathered Friends and Alexander Henry's
Sloan Paisley to name a few...
Kitty Yoshida's City Girl, Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom, Amy Butler's Tree Peony, Patty Young's Andalucia and a few more Michael Millers. Okay...insert note here...if you follow my link to Michael Miller's site - check out Laura Gunn's new fabric line "Lantern Bloom". Looks like watercolors... pretty!

More Amy and Wendy along with Timeless Treasure's Love a Tree fabric. These little totes are so cute...when you sew the straps on it creates outer pockets all the way around.

Left to Right: Jennifer Moore's Mod Hen and Beaded Curtain (my sister's favorite), Jane Sassaman's Coneflower and Paula Prass' Flights of Fancy. This bag style is the one I like to design and sew the most. I love the front panel with the coordinate on the sides.

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share some of the fun of my day with you. It has inspired me to continue with another show at Blue Ridge Community College's Fall Festival in September. Until then, check back soon for an Etsy store I have in the works. E-mail me... I would love to hear from you

Staunton Art in the Park

First, I must apologize to all of my regular readers for not posting in so long. I've spent the last month sewing every night preparing for an art show I participated in this weekend. I met so many wonderful people and had an incredible time! I have so much to tell you...including plans for a new Etsy store! I have to get all of my pictures from the show together first, so please check back soon and I will have everything up to share.

Love to you all, Candy

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