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it all started with a chicken...

My sister Sandy loves chickens...

Now I don't want to say she's obsessed with them, but if there were a Chickens Anonoymous group, someone should vote her president :)

She has chicken fabric, handmade glass chicken beads and not long ago, she recieved a little quilted chicken pincushion as a gift. And that's where our journey began...and I say "our" because we do everything together.

She liked it so much, she set out to find the pattern for it. We started at our local fabric store, Patchwork Plus, where my sister, chicken in hand, asked the sales lady if they carried it. Apparently the original was called "Norwegian Chicken Pincushion" created by Doreen Speckman and they didn't stock it, but it could be ordered. Sandy ordered two, one to sew and one for chicken withdrawl emergencies, I'm guessing. Knowing her, the second one was so she would have an uncut pattern. But remember, I'm not talking obsession...

To make a realllyyy long story short, after many days of waiting, she found out the pattern was out of print and they were shipping another. The one she recieved was close but not what she really wanted. I decided I would search the web for the elusive chicken pincushion pattern and I found lots of 'em. So, to my sister and best friend Sandy, who I dearly love along with all of her crazy chicken habits, this one's for you...

Quilting Works has this free pattern which is close. Here are the instructions and the pattern.

Another version at Craftster

And this one which is supposed to be a rooster door stop, but I think we can adapt him... Hey who let the guys in anyway? Looks like a chicken to me!

With all of the above free tutorials, I'm sure you get the idea of what we've been looking for. But I also found some to purchase that I like too!
Janet Locey's pattern includes a needle case. You can purchase it here from Keepsake Quilting.

Susa Glenn Designs and Art Fabric Studio has the cutest chicken designs I've seen. This first one is called "Little Banty Chick" and it's feet, eyes, wattle and comb are beaded. It would be perfect for my sister because it incorporates all of the things she loves: sewing, beading and of course, chickens! Vintage Vogue carries the pattern here.

The next one is called the "Flying Chicken" and is a tool caddy too! Three Sisters Fabric carries this one.

This Chick Chat sewing chatelaine is another by Art Fabric Studio and is available from The Calico Cat. With a thread dispenser and petite pockets to hold your thimbles and such, she would be a handy sewing companion. Of course, you can also order all of these directly from Susa Glenn.

The Calico Cat also carries this one called Pollo Loco and it includes an egg. What a cute idea to use up all of those scraps we've been accumulating!

After you've finished your pincushion you may want to try quilting. This wallhanging is called "Biker Chick" and is from Crazy Quilter Girls. Poor girl, her bike is slipping on stones that are the way, that's what I look like on a bike! After all, I'm no spring chicken...sorry, couldn't resist.

This site that has tons of links for patterns all across the web. All things chicken related, it's called the Yellow Chicken Page and I'm contacting them to see if my sister can join...

I almost forgot, remember the originial pattern by Doreen Speckman that we thought was out of print? I found it and you can order it here from her daughter.

Thought for the day: ham & eggs - a day's work for a chicken; a lifetime committment for a pig :) Enjoy!


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