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For those of you who don't already know, this is my son Michael's girlfriend, Laura. Hopefully, someday she will be my daughter-in-law, but she already seems like a daughter to me now

Last year, I taught her to sew and she was a natural at it. She caught on very quickly and has been at her machine ever since! Now she sews more than I do and I am so pleased that she loves it as much as she does.

Recently she created her own blog - where she has started selling her creations.

The best part is that she shows you, on her site, several different styles and lets you customize it the way you want it. You decide your own colors, style, how many pockets, etc. and she will work with you to create a bag just how you want it to be! Isn't that a cool concept? It really is a one of a kind - just for you... And I have to say her prices are really reasonable.

So if you need something special for a gift or just want to treat yourself to a new spring bag, please be sure to visit her. She really is a sweetheartand makes everything from large totes to cute little clutches. And she sews the neatest wallets I've ever seen.

If you click on her banner below, it will take you to her site. By the way, you may be asking why she named it Loora's
Handbags instead of Laura's - well, Loora is a silly little nickname my son calls her. And why the x-ray hand? She's going to college to be an X-Ray technician and is getting ready to graduate in May. Way to go Laura - we're all proud of you!


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Cora said...

She is so talented... I like her creative designs of handbags... Those are really beautiful...

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