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the amen of nature is always a flower...

Even though it's snowing a bit here in Virginia, my mind is dreaming of spring. I've been thinking about different ways to embellish and found some fabric flowers to share with you.

These rolled roses come from Portabellopixie. For those of you who don't know, it's fabric designer Sandi Henderson's blog. Find the pdf file here.

I love Sandi's Ginger Blossoms line - here's a purse I made from it in Blush.

A fluffy flower from Artsy-Crafty Babe. I made this one and put it on a strip purse made with Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope line.
From The Artful Crafter...not too crazy about the fabric choice here, but the tutorial is clearly written with lots of pictures and I'm going to try one. On second thought, it is bright and happy looking, isn't it?

Burda Style has one with separate folded petals. I want to try it with different fabrics for each one.

A good way to use up your scraps are these little daisy pins from Instructables.

I found a wonderful video for creating Kanzashi flowers. For those of you who don't know, these flowers are traditionally used on hairpieces, but I have made them before for embellishing my purses. The only difference is I didn't use glue like the video does, I stitched mine. But either way, the fold is the same. Try them, they're easy to make and the results are beautiful...

If you want to see how to stitch the kanzashi petals instead of gluing them...Spangle has the technique in both photos and video here.

Although she doesn't give directions, I wanted to show you this flower posted on CraftStylish and made by Felt Like Knitting. I love the use of buttons and seed beads and of course, her fabric choices...

My favorites are these fabric headbands rolled up into flowers. You Can Make This shows you how to sew the bands and how to roll them into the most adorable arrangement. What a perfect gift idea... Enjoy!


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