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timberville heritage festival

Wow, I have certainly become a "lazy" blogger lately, but, as is a "sneek peek" of my new purses that I'll be showing at the Timberville Heritage Festival. In celebration of the town's 125th aniversary, this event is Saturday, September 26 from 9 till 4 on American Legion Drive next to Food Lion Plaza. They'll have food, entertainment and about 40 crafters there, so come on out and see me and Laura. That's right, my baby will be showing with me and it will be her first! I'm so excited, she's made some really nice bags...

Forgive the imprompto photo setup, my sister would faint if she knew I didn't iron the backdrop before taking these pictures :)
The top totes are made with Michael Miller, Mary Engelbreit and Debbie Mumm fabric. I don't usually use novelty fabrics, but the cherries on the Engelbreit and the little farm animals on the Mumm fabric was too charming to resist :) And Engelbreit purse has "Princess of Quite-A-Lot" on it...those of you who know me, well, let's just say it fits! Actually, I think that will become my new alter-ego, Princess Quite-A-Lot!
These are fabrics I use regularly, I just love the quality of it. Pictured are Amy Butler and Paula Prass.

At my last show, I had so many little girls looking for purses they could use. I forget sometimes that we grown-ups are just "little girls grown tall". So not to forget the "divas in training"...I made some tiny ones. I want to carry a kitty cat purse! You can't read it from the photo but the front middle purse says "dance, bloom, play, and imagine"...and isn't that what all of us "princesses" want to do? Let's all remember to take time to laugh, love and especially's too short not to! Enjoy!

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Rachel said...

Hey There! I was set up right next to your booth at the Heritage days, and man did your booth outshine mine! It was my first ever show and I had such a shlumpy booth! Your bags are great and I loved the covered-button bracelets. I have my stuff on etsy at

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