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teaching my girls to sew...

These are my girls, Tasha and Laura. I had so much fun teaching them how to sew. Now, both of them have their own machines, but they always manage to come around at just about the right time - that is - when my newest fabric stash arrives in the mail :) Look how messy our sewing area was during the holidays...oh well sometimes, no clutter, no fun eh? Here are some pictures of them with their first finished purses. I'm so proud of them, they did a wonderful job...look at those smiles!

This is Laura, she is currently working on her first quilt and has sewn many purses since this one (and she's only been sewing for about two months!). This one she donated, along with a matching wallet and key fob, to a silent auction fundraiser at our local hospital where she works as an x-ray technician. She's even sold some of her bags to friends and co-workers and I think every woman in her family received one at Christmastime. Yup...she's definitely caught the fabric bug!

This is Tasha and her first purse was a tote that she made as a Christmas present for her mommy. (By the way, she loved it!) Since then, she is working on Amy Butler's Sophia pattern for a friend and I suspect that her two little dachshund doggies, Roxy and Moosie, will be getting new clothes sometime soon!


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